Green card Lottery 2023

Green card Lottery 2023 is now taking place through the Internet.

DV-2023 American diversity visa lottery program is now accepting entries from the eligible people. Its results will be displayed individually in the year 2022. The application forms are now available in the internet as it is officially appearing in the American Government’s DV Lottery website. From 06th October 2021 it allows to submit entries from the eligible applicants. If you are looking for to participate in the Green card lottery, program look for the current draw which is called as DV-2023. The next green card draw is expected to accept entries in the year 2022 through the online website.

Eligibility to Apply.

Must have born in an eligible country. (Country List will be provided by US State Department.)
Should have successfully completed High School Degree. (GCE A/L, WAEC)
Must have valid International passport to participate in the Green Card Lottery 2023. One new digital photo file and your International passport details are requested to participate in this draw.
In this DV-2023 all the African counties are allowed to participate in the draw except Nigeria. Will they allow Bangladesh and Nigeria for the dv2023 program to participate?
So far the answer is NO.  Now you can confirm it through the DV2023 Instructions.
Where to Apply? Here.

Other Requirements.

Single person can submit one entry only with her/his digital visa photo file in to this DV-2023 American Visa Lottery.
It is not necessary to be a married person to participate in this Green Card draw. If Single apply as single.
Married person must include spouse and all the children who are unmarried and under 21 years of age with their digital American visa photo.
The American Digital visa photo must be taken within 6 months of the application date. In the meantime don’t use older photo files with your application form.
In other words people staying in the USA too can participate in this Green card Lottery 2023 draw, if they meet all the eligibility.
Additionally there is NO FEE to participate in this draw. Although some companies and Agents may require money for their services.

DV 2023 Application Form.

Above all check your DV Lottery Results Here.

Green Card Lottery 2023