Apply Online DV-2023

Apply Online DV-2023.

Apply online DV-2023

Apply online DV-2023 Diversity Visa Lottery Program. There are 50,000 visas available under this American Government sponsored Immigrant visa through computer random name selection draw. Eligible person can submit only one entry in the current DV-2023 visa draw program that is NOW accepting entries in this year 2021 through the website based program. Lot of people used to think that this is a simple and easy program. No, this is one of the program that is covered by strict rules. The draw is a Free to apply program but will request winners to pay the visa processing fee of US$330 if they are selected as winners in this draw. Also not all the winners will be called for the interview as the visas may exhaust early before the closing date.

Notice to Ethiopia Applicants.
When filling E-DV Entry for the DV-2023 program, 
don’t use Ethiopian calendar date of Birth.
Correct kind of date of birth: 10/17/2021 (Sun, Oct 17, 2021)
Wrong: 07/02/2014 (ዕሁድ፣ ጥቅምት 7፣ 2014)

Whom Are Eligible to participate in dv-2023?

Must have born in an eligible country according to the US State Department’s approval.
If your birth country is eligible you can participate even you are living in another country or holding another country passport.

Age must be more than 18 years to meet the education requirement.
Should have passed High School Degree equivalent to American High School Degree. It is like GCE A/L and WAEC Certificates. Or must have work experience in a approved job after learning the trade for two years and must have two years of work experience within the last 5 years. (It is very rare to get visa with work experience)
Must have Valid International Passport and must provide its details in the Application Form.
All applicants must have their own e-mail address.
Single person must apply as Single with new digital photo file
There is no need to sign papers or to submit documents. While the married person must include her/his spouse and all the eligible children with their full details in birth order with their digital photo files in the DV-2023 visa Entry form.

Only primary applicant must need to have International passport it is not required for the dependents. Every year you can submit one entry each till you become as a winner. If your entry has been accepted in the draw, you will be shown with a Confirmation Number (Ticket in Africa).

Entry Submission.

Moreover the entry Submission period for the American diversity visa program used to be announced through media by the US State Department. The announcement will say on which date the draw will open to accept entries. And on which date the entry submission period will be closed.  Additionally the annual American diversity visa program is now totally operated through electronic and internet.
Entry submission (Apply online DV-2023), Selection announcement, winner processing, till to calling for the interview are now carried out through the secured internet.

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